You Love Like Jesus Loves 02/11/24

Feb 11, 2024    Joe Warren

Are you seeking ‘it’ or God’s love? Do you believe God can love you for you & not it? Will you acknowledge it can never save you? Are you willing give it up if God asks you to? Do you believe God loves you more than it? ...or regardless of it? Are you ready to give it up to become fully you & fully loved? Know Jesus as your personal Friend, God and Savior who loves ‘you’ not ‘it’. Then let’s love others and ourselves like Jesus. That’s what He wants for all of ‘you’!

You Love Like Jesus Loves

Pastor Joe Warren


True Life Church

202 W. Byrd,

Universal City,

Texas, 78148

Sunday services are 9am (traditional) and 11 am (contemporary).

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