Week 7: What Happens If I Don't Forgive Myself?

Sep 17, 2023    Joe Warren

Is unforgiveness robbing you of the presence and power of God in your life? Are you willing to repent & grant yourself forgiveness? What has a lack of forgiveness cost you? Do you really believe that your sin is bigger than God is able to forgive? If so, who is more powerful in that case? Do you really think you’re more powerful than God? If not, repent, believe & receive God’s forgiveness & walk in the truth of His power flowing & your prayers getting answered!

70x7 Series- Week 7

Series Description:

What does your disobedience do to God's heart? What is God's penalty for sin? How did He show His love for us as sinners? How can I receive God's full forgiveness that Jesus purchased for me on the cross? Have I received it? If not, when will I? If so will I enjoy the freedom of forgiving others as I've been forgiven? How and when?