Fresh Starts: New Beginnings (Part 1) 01/07/24

Jan 7, 2024    Joe Warren

Are you ready for a fresh start? It’s coming! You may choose it or it will eventually choose you! The real question is how will you receive it & what roots will you allow to grow in that freshly plowed soil of your heart & life? Careful what you wish for. You will reap what you sow ...with the law of the harvest. Are you anticipating or dreading the harvest of your life? Choose wisely. Choose pure. Choose tough. Choose discipline. Choose blessing. Choose a fresh start with God!

Fresh Start, Part 1: A New Beginning


Pastor Joe Warren

True Life Church

202 W. Byrd,

Universal City,

Texas, 78148

Sunday services are 9am (traditional) and 11 am (contemporary).

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