The True Life Missionary Family

On Mission at True Life Church. At True Life Church we have a long tradition of supporting missionaries, and other groups and organizations, whose purpose is to share the Gospel, i.e., the Good News of Jesus Christ, locally, within the U.S., and across the globe, with the ultimate goal of making disciples throughout the world. Together these individuals and groups comprise the True Life Missionary Family. Currently the True Life Missionary Family consists of over 60 missionaries and other mission-related organizations and initiatives. Each receives financial support through Faith Promise Missions giving and/or designated offerings in support of specific missionaries and initiatives. To Donate Now, select “Faith Promise Missions” in the “To:”


Ayers, J.B. & Linda

Biven, Rick & Susie              Mexico

Bowles, Daniel & Meshelle Zambia

Chad and Jennifer Braymer

Brewer, Tom & Cindy           Brazil

Briley, Dale & Lora

Brown, Scott & Gloria      Mexico City

Buxton, Marc & Jessica

Byars, Paul & Ellen     Philippines

Carter, Jim & Becky

Crawford, Bill & Debbie Germany

Crotts, Richard & Joyce

Dedeyan, Paul & Alexis      France

Duryee, Debi               Missionary to Deaf Refugees

Flippin, Joe & Sherran



Garner, Leslie & Donna   Mexico

Gotcher, Lance & Melanie

Leatherwood, James & Carolyn

Vladamir and Debbie Lukyanov Siberia, Russia

Lyons, Luke & Kelly

May, Lu                                Thailand

Meyer, Michael & Carolyn

Mingo, Don & Kathy

Minton, Ron & Nancy

Mowery, Steve & Kelli

Nappers, Mike & Christi Burkina Faso

Orrick, Richie and Missy           Wales

Parnell, Jesse & Glenna

Perez, Ramon & Annette

Powers, Jason & Gracie Cambodia

Redmon, Ray & Gerri



Richards, Bill                    Germany

Rhoades, Justin                London

Roberts, Randy & Sandy    Costa Rica

Rose, Doug & Ayme

Rouch, Charles

Saliba, Jonathan & Anna

Schuessler, Rick & Fran

Smith, Lonnie Jr. & Martha Guadalajara Mexico

Smith, Leonard & Susie

Suhl, Carrie & Caleb

Taylor, Larry & Jean        Belgium

Tester, Steve & Tara

Wilhite II, Duane & Shelle  Japan

Williams, Troy                        Turkey

Wright, Brian & Rebekah